Big changes at Colton’s

Big changes at Colton’s

It’s been 21 years since we first opened a little family owned car yard in Hawera. With everything that’s gone down recently, just thinking about that makes us real proud to have lasted so long and we’re truly thankful for your support over such a long time. It’s seriously humbling.

Over two decades in business you think you’ve seen everything. Then along comes 2020: “Hold my beer”. 

Seriously, it’s tough out there right now for so many people and businesses, us included. You don’t always welcome change, but it comes anyway. So we’re going to embrace it. We’re going to do everything we can to make sure Colton’s sticks around to keep serving our awesome community. But things will be different and we’re going to go through changes – we hope for the better.

So, here’s what you can expect to see when you rock up to our place over the coming months…

New Location

First up, we’re moving. Actually it’s more like a swap. We’ve already started, but over the next few weeks Colton’s is going to swap locations with our mates next door at Sandilands.

Colton’s will become the standalone motorcycling destination we want it to be, both as a physical showroom and hub for online retail. Sandilands will get a bigger warehouse/workshop and become a one-stop shop for car sales, vehicle repairs and servicing (cars and motorcycles). We’ll all keep working closely together and, between the two businesses, we’ll have everything covered.

Online Sales & Delivery

Right now, under Level 3 restrictions, we’re operating online sales and Colton’s-to-go (call & collect). We’ve got plenty of motorcycles, riding gear, clothing and accessories in stock and listed online, plus we’re working behind the scenes to give you access to heaps more cool stuff

If you’re buying a motorcycle, we can do socially-distant delivery to local regions (free within Taranaki-Whanganui city), or through a specialist transit company if you’re further afield. Smaller items (like clothing) will go out with regular courier services. If you’re unsure about anything, give us a call.

Servicing & Repairs (free pickup & delivery)

If your motorcycle needs a service or repairs, we can come to you with free pickup & redelivery. That means if you’re in the Taranaki–Whanganui city regions, we’ll collect your bike, bring it back to our workshop, get it fixed up, then drop it back to you – easy as. Just drop us a line to lock in a date with the workshop.

So that’s it for now: some big changes, but positive ones. Please do what you can to support your local businesses and we look forward to (eventually) seeing you at our new home. 

Phil & the Colton’s team

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